The Hiroshima Syndrome is once again proud to be hosting the Carnival of Nuclear Energy Bloggers. This week’s topics include (but are not limited to) – phobias should not be used to determine energy policy, a nuclear energy graduate school in Korea, the Japanese news media’s promotion of distrust, China’s developing of submarines carrying nuclear-tipped missiles, an appeal to rationally weigh the risks of using natural gas, and the possibilities of Small Modular Reactor technology. For the full reports, please click on the individual links.

From Yes Vermont Yankee (2)

Phobias Should Not Determine Policy – (and)

More Nuclear Supporters than Opponents at Public Service Board Hearing

From Nuke Power Talk

Fit for KINGS

From The Hiroshima Syndrome

Japanese Press Promotes Wide-spread Distrust (November 16)-

From Deregulate the Atom

Social Risk Assessment and Data Mining vs. Good PR planning –

From Canadian Energy Issues

Nuclear power in Vermont and Ontario: The locals fight back, intelligently

From Next Big Future (2) –

Indian Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant Project to start production by first week in December – (and)

China will field nuclear missiles on submarines in two years and this relates to the South China Sea dispute with Japan

From Atomic Insights

Time for rational risk evaluation of energy sources – natural gas versus nuclear –

From ANS Nuclear Café

SMR designs once again a focus at ANS Winter Meeting 2012

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Risk in Perspective –