The Hiroshima Syndrome is proudly hosting the 163rd Carnival of Nuclear Energy Bloggers. For the full reports, please click on the individual links. Blog topics include – Nuclear professional’s philosophy, two new energy videos, the UK wants “strike prices” for renewable generation, who are the Fukushima tsunami refugees(?) and Limits to Growth’s 30 year update is wrong.

From ANS Nuclear Café (2)

  1. “Philosophy, Shale Gas, and the ANS Annual Meeting”
  2. “Open Letter to Those Attending Global Power Shift and to the Climate Movement at Large”

From Yes Vermont Yankee
“Energy Made Simple, Southern Company’s 90 second videos”

From Mark Lynas
“Is Solar Really Four Times the Cost of Nuclear? No – But…”

From Canadian Energy Issues
“Nuclear-powered Iceland points way to carbon-free Canadian North”

From The Hiroshima Syndrome/Fukushima Commentary
“Who Are Fukushima’s Tsunami Refugees?”

From Next Big Future
“Limits to Growth 30 Year Update Claimed the World is in Overshoot of Carrying Capacity…”

From Nuke Power Talk
“Tilting Toward Nukes: Finding Reason in Unexpected Places”

From Atomic Power Review
“Obama’s Climate Action Plan”

FromJim Conca
“Yes We Can Dispose of Nuclear Waste”