The Hiroshima Syndrome’s Fukushima Commentary is proudly hosting this week’s edition of the Carnival of Nuclear Bloggers. This week, we have postings by Dan Yurman, Dr. Gail Marcus, Stephen Alpin, Meredith Angwin, Rod Adams (guest post) and Leslie Corrice.

Here’s the Fact or Fiction (?) quiz for this week… The first American reactor licensed for operation was Shippingport Atomic Power Station, located on the Ohio River in Pennsylvania.

Now…for this week’s Blogs. To read the full articles, please click on the individual links. Blog topics for this edition include… the challenges facing the development advanced nuclear reactors, a realistic look at the resource limitations and environmental costs of all energy options, how to avoid leaping off the renewable energy cliff, beating the end of Vermont’s solar energy tax credit, and Bill Nye (the Science Guy) is nuclear-averse because of the Hiroshima Syndrome.

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From Dan Yurman’s Neutron Bytes
The Chicken & Egg Conundrum of Forging a Future for Advanced Nuclear Reactors

From Dr. Gail Marcus’ Nuke Power Talk
Resource Issues and Energy Supply: What it Means for Our Energy Future

From Stephen Alpin’s Canadian Energy Issues
Book sales, iTunes, and a renewable energy-powered Internet: Leaping into the future, and over a cliff

From Meredith Angwin’s Yes Vermont Yankee
The Solar View from Vermont: The Gold Rush and the Panels

From Rod Adam’s Atomic Insights; a guest post by Paul Lorenzini –
Saving the Environment from Environmentalism
Part I – Must we destroy the environment to save it?

From Les Corrice’s Fukushima Commentary
Bill Nye’s nuclear aversion results from the Hiroshima Syndrome

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Here’s the Fact or Fiction (?) answer for this week… Fiction.

The first licensed American reactor was in Pennsylvania, but it wasn’t Shippingport. It was the Breazeale research reactor at Penn State University, in College Park, licensed in 1955. Shippingport was the first American nuclear power plant licensed. Breazeale’s 60th anniversary was celebrated on July 22nd. After TMI, the facility was included as part of a Penn State program to educate teachers about nuclear energy. I was involved in sending teachers from the Cleveland area during several summers in the mid-80s, and had the honor of attending the summer program commencement as a trustee in 1987. Here a link to the Breazeale info page for the anniversary fete…