The Hiroshima Syndrome’s Fukushima Commentary is proudly hosting the latest edition of the Carnival of Nuclear Bloggers. This week, we have postings by Nick Thompson, Rod Adams, Dr. Jim Conca, Dan Yurman, and Brian Wang.

Here’s the Fact or Fiction (?) quiz for this week… The earliest Asian conception of empty space can be found in the Tao Te Ching.

Now…for this week’s Blogs. To read the full articles, please click on the individual links. Blog topics for this edition include… More opinion on the 2025 closure of Diablo Canyon, whether or not proxy campaigns against nuclear energy are funded by non-nuclear competitors, the possible impact of “Brexit” on nukes, Uranium in seawater is 100% renewable, and the latest big news on the fusion front.

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From Nick Thompson at Thompson
When nuclear is closed in California, what takes its place?

From Rod Adams at Atomic Insights and Forbes Magazine (2) –
Corporate environmental contributions: Greenwashing or worse? (Atomic Insights)
How Will Brexit Affect UK Nuclear Energy? Variety Of Views (Forbes)

From Dr. Jim Conca at Forbes Magazine
Uranium Seawater Extraction Makes Nuclear Power Completely Renewable

From Dan Yurman at Neutron Bytes (2) –
What about nuclear energy in UK after Brexit?
Renewables cannot replace the power of Diablo Canyon

From Brian Wang at Next Big Future (2) –
LPP Fusion can consistently achieve the ion energy to ignite hydrogen boron in an average shot
Third Generation Laser Uranium Enrichment Technology is likely over 5 times more energy efficient and more compact than the best centrifuges

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Here’s the Fact or Fiction (?) answer for this week… Fact…probably!

The Tao Te Ching is credited to Lao Tze (i.e. Tzu) about 400 BCE. In Chapter 11, we find what is understood as perhaps the first notion of inner space.  However, at about the same time, Buddhism’s Dvadasanikaya Sastra was written down (408 BCE). It says that the greatest wisdom is found in emptiness (sunyata).