May 16, 2014

Japan Today posted this article on Friday (5/16/14)…

Upset with the brazen bias within the report, I submitted the following comment… “Another irresponsible scare-mongering article. True, a small leak was found, but Japan Today merely used it as a convenient excuse to re-hash old news while leaving out the truth….the tank leak is not getting into the Pacific…local fishermen have approved the groundwater release as long as the radioactivity is below 1 Becquerel per liter for Cs-134, which this week’s third party analyses have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt…the international alarm has subsided…and Korea’s fishing ban was a political ploy largely because of saber-rattling over off-shore island ownership and a many-century history of mutual dislike. There’s more to pick apart, but this should get the point across.”

The newspaper rejected it because it is “offensive and vulgar”.

I decided to dash-off a response after I stopped rolling on the floor laughing. I’ve criticized their Fukushima coverage a number of times in the past for being biased and irresponsible. If what I commented is offensive and/or vulgar, I’ll eat my hat.

I guess they don’t want to hear that the leak they reported isn’t where the article says it is (a storage tank). It’s from a Main Steam Isolation Valve Drain line inside unit #3. Japan Today didn’t even get the location of the leak right! It had nothing to do with the wastewater storage tanks! As of Saturday, the misinformational article had not been corrected. Making such an egregious error, and arrogantly neglecting to correct it, is a journalistic vulgarity. In my honest opinion, the Japan Today article is offensive and their rejection of my comment is laughable.