The Hiroshima Syndrome is once again proud to be hosting the Carnival of Nuclear Energy Bloggers.  For the full reports, please click on the individual links.


From Next Big Future (3) –

Russia speeds up nuclear investment to get 50% of power from nuclear by 2050 and 100% by 2100 (and)

Laser enrichment for 100,000 tons of Paducah tails –

China resumes construction of nuclear reactors…new reactor approvals will restart soon –


From Yes Vermont Yankee (2) –

Cheryl Twarog Guest Post – (and)

Vital for the Region and My Family, A Teen-Agers View of Vermont Yankee: Guest Post by Evan Twarog –


From Atomic Insights

Emotional evaluation of risks should favor nuclear energy –


From The Hiroshima Syndrome

Is Nuclear Energy Losing its Political Thunder in Japan?


From Nuke Power Talk

Giving Thanks: Nuke Power Progress –


From Things Worse Than Nuclear

Everyday Explosions


From ANS Nuclear Cafe (2) –

Vermont Yankee supporters at Public Service Board hearing – (and)

Post-election outlook for nuclear energy