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From The Hiroshima Syndrome (2) –

Suggested Japanese Nuclear New Year’s Resolutions (Dec. 28)…and,

A “Mindset” That May Have Killed Thousands (Dec. 24)

From Nuke Power Talk

The Election and Nuclear Power: A Cautiously Positive Outlook

From ANS Nuclear Café

The Other Side of the Cookie: Anti-Nuclear People in Our Lives

From Yes Vermont Yankee

A Safe Plant and the Same Few Protestors: Guest Post by Steve Moriarty

From Next Big Future

Accelerator driven sub-critical reactor could burn nuclear waste and create diesel at less than $2 per gallon

From This Week in Nuclear (2) –

Only the US Government Would Call a Tax a Subsidy (and)

Irrational Pro-Renewable Policies, Nuclear Energy Tax Hikes Harm Spain’s Economic Recovery