The Hiroshima Syndrome’s Fukushima Commentary is proudly hosting this week’s edition of the Carnival of Nuclear Bloggers. This week, we have postings by Dr. Jim Conca, Meredith Angwin, Gail Marcus, Rod Adams, Brian Wang, and Leslie Corrice.

Here’s the Fact or Fiction (?) quiz for this week… Sendai unit #1 is the first nuke in Japan to operate since 2013, marking the end of the Japanese moratorium. The Sendai unit is similar to the damaged units at Fukushima Daiichi.

Now…for this week’s Blogs. To read the full articles, please click on the individual links. Blog topics for this edition include… small modular reactors can supplement the irregular output of wind turbines, two posts on petitioning the NRC to discontinue using LNT and ALARA for standard-setting, whether or not global warming is real, a possible setback with the AP-1000 coolant pumps, the latest out of Pakistan, and the Hiroshima Syndrome at work with Japan’s Press.

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From Dr. Jim Conca at Forbes Magazine
Who Says Nuclear Can’t Smooth Out An Erratic Wind?

From Meredith Angwin’s Yes Vermont Yankee (2) –
Linear No Threshold; Comment to the NRC


My Comment to the NRC in favor of abandoning LNT and ALARA for rule making

From Gail Marcus’ Nuke Power Talk

From Rod Adam’s Atomic Insights
Reactor Coolant Pumps for AP1000 are Still a Problem

From Brian Wang’s Next Big Future (3) –
Pakistan starts construction of two 1100 MWe nuclear reactors


Tri-alpha Energy targets 1-second plasma duration at 100 million degrees in the one- four years


LPP Fusion closes last of $2 million stock offering and slogs away on Tungsten electrode work

From Leslie Corrice’s Fukushima FUD
Ian Fairlie on Fukushima: Errors and Omissions

From Leslie Corrice’s Fukushima Commentary
Japan’s Press Remains Infected by the Hiroshima Syndrome

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Here’s the Fact or Fiction (?) answer for this week… Fiction. Sendai station’s units are all Pressurized Water Reactors. All units at Fukushima Daiichi are Boiling Water Reactor systems. In PWRs, water under extreme pressure is pumped through the reactor’s fuel core, but it does not boil. The boiling takes place in separate waiter within a device called a steam generator. The steam in a PWR is not radioactive. However, in a BWR the boiling takes place inside the fuel core of the reactor and becomes radioactive.